About Us


Launched in 2017, HAPPINZ is a line of fun, fresh, and trendy accessories made with safety pins. While vacationing together, discussing our kids, we began to reminisce. We remembered wearing friendship pins on our sneakers that we would collect and trade with our friends.

Today, our safety pin message is inclusion, kindness, accepting everyone. That's the message we want our kids to embrace and strive for. Stressing character, compassion, faith in humanity is every parent's goal.

Looking for ways to reinforce those values, we hit on the friendship pins as a trend worth reviving.

It turned out to be easy. Our kids love making them with us, wearing them, trading them with their friends. Each creation is special, unique, individual. But with a simple underlying message:

Whatever Happinz, you're safe with me!

As the brand started to take shape we realized that not only was our vision being embraced by kids, but by the teen and adult community as well. Our goal is for all generations to embrace our brand and our messaging by rocking a Happinz!


      Sam, Laura, and Nancy